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Bands GROG has done shows with
MENTORS - Parts unknown. The legendseehhhaa!!
TORG - Chicago, IL. Wanna Rasle?
The GC5 - Cleveland, Ohio Dirty rock & roll
Swamp Ass - Chicago, IL. "Panties around yer ankles Rock & Roll"
Love Muffin - Three Rivers, MI.- Do you pratice Muffinizm?
The Thumbs-Baltimore, MD. Hardcore Punk! rock
SICK - Peoria, IL. Sick Party Punks
Thought Industry - Kalamazoo, MI. Math Metal
Endless - Pittsburgh, PA. Hardcore from steel city
A Planet for Texas - Beer-guzzlin', ass kickin' Punk Rock, Baby!!!
the Ballistics13 - Detriot City OL'SKOOL PUNK ROCK!
Bitter Pills - Ann Arbor MI. piss-pot-micro-dot!
SmashBandits - Detriot Mi. "shoulda brought more metal chics"

Venues GROG has slayed
(places to play, holmes)
....we'll put your place on here when we play there

B.E. Henry building - Marshall, MI.
Macs Bar - Lansing, MI.
Kicked out of this club - Kalamazoo, MI.
The Elbow Room - Ypsilanti, MI.
Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN.
Mugs Hideout - Ypsilanti, MI.
The Grog Shop - Cleveland,OH.
JUMBOS- Detroit,MI.
Solidarity Books-Indianpolis, IN.

bands/labels and other cool stuff
Ramrod Raperokk - raise a blister rokk -n- roll
Home Studio - Kevin is the man that recorded the Mentors thing we did cd
Punk Rock Night - Every scene should have one
Demon Seeds - horsecore lives
dead horse - Texas horsecore that greatly influenced GROG
Where's Smelly ? A short story by the man, the myth, the legend
Mister Monster Killer horror punk band from NJ
Eerie Ln - Texas horror punk rock & roll
Transparent records - Killer Michigan punk label
*Our unfortunate brother in punk Ed Wolf's "website"
*Knuckle Head Joey Walsh's (another p.rock brother) "website"

Battle Creek - why we are-who we are!


Chad Overdose's now defunked horror/punk zine





Can ya belive it? Pro wrestler from Battle Creek


jeff has done artwork for The Accused, The Fartz, The Misfits, The Undead, & more