The truth is spake in ye olde GROG "DIAR-YEEHA"


September 07th 2004 ....Yes people it's true we are unstopable - this weekend GROG was not invited to play a huge labor day party held by some "friends" of ours here in our home town of Battle Creek Michigan - so we took it upon ourselves to crash the shingdig with our new batch of GROG - silenlty waiting in the shadows we kept our cool - drank masive amounts of beer then when the last band for the night - Oceans of Reget finished of their set we took the stage like it owed us money and stumbled drunk through about 20 minutes of GROG style humor and punk rock baby!! - leaving the crowd speachless and other bands there stunned that we would do such a thing - after all they don't truly understand what we do around here - but we think they all need to step up and get what they deserve -- a big fat lip!!! J.J.Jizzum here and I think you all need to reconize sukka !!!!!!!!

Agust 15th 2004....yes GROG fans we stood our ground - and gave them what they deserved.......
a big fat lip!!!!! - It seems that our first show in over a year was a complete success - everyone knows there are two sides to a story but we don't care in our veiw this is the way it went down - we recieved a phone call and e-mail from Boston Man this guy plays in a band called Dirtnap - ok so he's booking this all day event with a bunch of local metal bands and heres tall tails of GROG - ok so we are on the bill playing mid card and was told to bring the tall tail storys to life - so for those who don't know we did a Boom and the Legion of Doom "meat show" about a year and a half ago and this is what they were asking for - ok so we ask Tony Fish Only a founding meber of the legendary B.L.O.D. to sing there theme song - we had no live stock animal heads just a few props in a bucket of watered down fake blood and after they had caught wind about was was gonna happen we was told as long as no one got hurt and we played outside to go for it - well after we tied Tonys mic down - tuned up a little and ran through a quick sound check we was approched by a man claiming to represent the club - then words were tossed around along with some mic stands and empty water containers they yanked the plug on GROG - personaly we think that the club is a cool little spot and would have liked to play there but if you scared of some fish minnos kool aid and a guy named "Fish" that was gonna hurt himself more than you could have you can kiss my fat colt 45 drinking ass !!!!!!!! so our advise to club soda is you should stick to catering to trendy art fag ass kissers that will never get out from under your wing - And to Boston Man no hard feelings dude.... but be carefull what ya ask for ...... GROG would like to say to x-mebers Homer J. and Slinga good luck with all you do.... and we welcome new drummer T.J.Stikky to the throne who buy the way truely enjoyed his first show with the band Ha ha .......J.J.JIZZUM here and I hope you you never have to kiss ass to play a show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 25th 2004....Well big deal so no one ever reads these things but I'm gonna do it anyway - Here's the news -Last year we had a pretty good run goin' - then things got a bit tied up with every ones personal life so we - decided to take a brake - after the brake we were gearing up new toonz for a new cd - well then a home studio was in the works and that didn't pan out - so in a nut shell we scraped everthing when drummer Slinga didn't want to play drums any more - so the search went on all winter for a new one - I have found him and he is eager to learn our toonz and we are looking forward to writing another set with him - I will be booking shows whith in a month and looking forward to seeing old friends!!!!!
J.J.Jizuum here and we'ere comin with a new batch of GROG for that ass

June 18th 2003....Coming up his week end is our big show with the Mentors and good friends Torg - I hope to see
all you there - The skate park benifit show was a good time had by all and it was good to see all our old friends there
The Balistics 13 rocked - god i love that old skool sound they have -"WHO HERE WANTS BEER!! And the LOVE MUFFINS
are sounding tight as hell with the new set - we always love playing with those guys - cant wait to here the new album
and Torg says they can do better the Oy Amigos in the burito department so Grog must get a show in Chi.
to see about that - In the meantime I hope you all have a crappy summer your fish biol and your feet stink
here and I think you are all going to be sorry someday!

June 18th 2003....Well folks as ya know GROG may be them most feared band in our area - I say this because I feel
that the only love we get after shows is that of our peers -Friends ya know - fellow musicans that know us and
what we do - and as we play and jaws drop people look scared wondering what will happen next....
That right come get your fat lip!!
We come to bring the pain and we gets no love from "fans" Or local Promters for that matter but who cares right! WRONG
we do care a little - see we know our band is just a hobby but it would be nice to get some people out to the shows
we do get near home! And for those bars-shacks and wanna be fake mugs out there - keep talking bad about GROG
cuz like the nature boy Ric Flair always said "Love or hate it - it's the best thing goin' taday" Yeh thats right and I guess
what I'm tring to say is I get tierd of writing in this here log and sounding like a baby crying all the time - so yeh take it from Toxic Mattitude
"Dont go to the play ground with out a gaurdian!"
J.J.Jizzum here and I'm out

April 13th 2003....So all I can really say now is summer is coming.We are going to record again soon I hope you all
are ready.We are also trying to work into the mix a new guitar player - thats right were goin for the over the top look.
I just dont think you all can stand the pain were gonna bring.We are also looking foward to the shows we have coming
up and I dont know if "Maggies" is ready for us - its gonna hurt but were gonna do it.... So in closing get ready for
the new GROG lineup cuz the Extremist is comming and he's a big snake swilling balding drunken menice........
J.J.Jizzum here and now you've been warned!.

March 10th 2003....Hey there all 5 of our fans. Now that 2003 has begun full swing and the dog days of winter are
settled in our bones it becomes apparent to me that winter is not the ony thing that sucks -in this entry I must vent
a little like our manager has recently - I would like to start with our local music scene - why is it that GROG has such
a hard time trying to get shows in local clubs - the people who book these places think that they're above booking
local bands that doesn't kiss their ass - we won't and shouldn't have to suck up to local promoters buy giving them
free merch. that they dont realy care about and then be told to wait two months to play any venue in our area in a
"scene" that obviously needs fresh faces. Let's all face facts here, no one realy cares about seeing the same crappy
emo bands or even watching local cheez metal bands with no stage presence. I personally don't go to these shows
because they're boring and I'd much rather stay home and plot revenge - I'm sick of all the crappy shows and all the
anal "booking promoters" - if GROG does get any shows locally in these unmentionable clubs you can bet it will be with
bands that are weak and dont have a clue what it's like to play anywhere other than right where they are - and we will
see to it that we give them a big fat dose of what real punk rock attitude is all about!!! (I realy need to find a place
where I can do the booking).......j.j.jizzum and I'm out.

January 27th 2003....Well, it's been WAY too long since what has been deemed "the real talent" has lifted his leg
on "ye olde diar-yeeha" page & left his mark, but there are a few things I'd like to say so I could hold it in no longer.
First off, there's the Hired Frog in Detroit, MI. who charged 150 kids 8 bux for a
show and not only doesn't give a single burrito or gallon of gas to GROG, but charges every single roadie with them
and then tries charging GROG FIFTEEN DOLLARS for a cd that had been already recorded live that night, of GROG
themselves. To be honest I am shocked that punk bands even play this scam. Needless to say, unless a guarantee
of some sort is made ahead of time (something that GROG has never done), GROG will NOT be going back to
a place that makes well over ONE THOUSANDE DOLLARS & doesn't even give the out of town headlining band SOME
gas money. Now THERE'S some frog legs I'd LOVE to dismember. Just a warning to future bands (and hopes of a boy-
cott....MWUAHHAHA). There's plenty of other places to play in the Detroit area. On an even sadder note, I would
like to express my sympathy to the Juhnke family for the loss of Mr. Chris Juhnke, friend & local musician. Chris' over-
dose was one of 2 last week from people I knew & if ANYTHING at all positive is to come of it I pray that it would be
people's recognition of the dangers of drug abuse & the real blessing that life can be - not something to be molested,
abused, & laid to waste by one's own self, I speak for myself. Though it had been a while since I last saw you Chris,
you WILL be missed & your death hits us hard..................Chad Lutzke

January 23rd 2003....GROG has lost a good friend recently to a drug overdose. Our friend Chris Juhnke was a singer
songwriter-guitar player and played in lots of bands in our area. I was lucky enough to share a stage with him and
enjoy his stage antics and lucky enough to have recorded a song with him as well. Our hearts go out to his family.
"JUNKIE" will truly be missed.

January 22th 2003.... hey all you GROG fans (all 5 of you), if you don't know by now I, J.J.JIZZUM am here to tell
ya - this weekend ends our trips to the motor city 3 weeks in a row and this week we top it off w/ a doozie - we
are doin our best to embarrass ourselves the only way we know how and this week is no exception....So anyway,
heres the skinny on the latest GROG info - We tumbled through a rough couple of weeks with late night practices
and forged onward to the Wired Frog where the average age seemed to be too young to get what we're all about
not to mention none of the other bands booked that night were anything like us (not that there is many that are)
and guess what kids, we didn't get paid.....Ahhh yeah nuttin' like 300 miles round trip on an empty stomach and no
fuel for the fire - then its a hop over to Yipsi to the beloved Elbow Room where we really love to play - so we slayed
the locals w/ vulgarity and distastful GROG antics (cant wait till we go back w/the Mentors and Torg) and guess what,
we made gas money hallelluia....gotta love Leighton. Next we look forward to Jumbos were we are doin a show w/the
Smashbandits and Bitter Pills - yeah sounds like fun, too bad none of you will be there - and the last bit of info is this:
We are gladly doin a song for the Mentors tribute album: Rockin with a Hood. It goes into print soon, don't know who's
putting it out yet - but thanks to Ramrod Raperokk and our buddy Frank from Torg for the hook up - - So take it from
El Duce himself, watch out for trains and remember.......ALL WOMAN ARE INSANEEHHHHH.......J.J.JIZZUM and I'm out

December 21st 2002.... Deer diar-yeeha. GROG is looking forward to putting a stamp on the year y2k2-all
in all it was a good year, although we lost a good drummer and a good friend in MIKE MEAD and even if he is
not mentioned very much on the web site, I think all of us in this camp including our new drummer Casey
(a.k.a. slinga) would agree that he will always be apart of this band. Anyway, we are stonger than ever now
and we kicked ass in 2002, we gotta web site, managment, and inspiration thanks to Chad Overdose - we gotta
lotta good shows thanks to him , and he really got the ball rollin'. We gotta a new cd: "We Sold Our Souls For
Cereal Bowls". So now that 2003 is creepin' up on us we are gonna kick its ass too-we already got shows lined
up and a few in the works. We will not stop until we give every scene including our own here in Battle Creek &
Kalamazoo a punch in the nose, a sock in the eye, and a big fat lip!
Until next time victims - cheers - and remember you're on my list!........J.J.JIZZUM

November 23rd 2002....Hey there GROG fans, just a note here to mention GROG is planing a cool Dec-
ember. It looks like Jonhny Love is planning another bash and wants GROG to come and start a pit. Also,
so far on the list of things to do is a house party for Mike Walsh (Joe knuckleheads brother) and it has been
requested that we slay the crowd like we did for the Helloween show, so for those that missed it, we're doin
it again! Now as soon as I get off my lazy ass I'll get the art work printed for the "We Sold our Souls for Cereal
Bowls" cd and the art for the t-shirts so main man Chad Overdose can hook us up like he has so very well in
the past. So untill next time victims, I must tell you to give yer praises to the mighty Chad Overdose....the 4th
member ----the real talent!!!
J.J.JIZZUM here and Im out.

November 4th 2002....Well-well-well-people of the world, it seems the boys pulled off another great and suc-
cessfull show. Pounding there way thru "Helloween" ,the boys hooked up w/EVOL PRODUTIONS and slayed the
crowd old skool style in Jones, MI.(middle of nowhere). GROG brought back some serious memories with a BOOM
and the LEGION of DOOM meat show complete w/ buckets of blood, pigs feet, and of course DEER HEADS. The
show was topped off by a riot in the streets and the building being surrounded by the locals finest. By the way,
GROG did sell all the cd's they took with em' (20 or so), and the site seems to be gettin' a few more hits than
usual. So I would like to thank every one by sayin'.... ALL HAIL J.J.JIZZUM

October 17th 2002....COD here....I haven't touched the site in over a month (save for fixing all of JJizzum's "drunk
like" spelling so that you can read what he's trying to mumble to you. I haven't really done much with the band lately
either. Maybe it's the fall air, maybe it's my "EverCrack" addiction, or perhaps everyone is just way to busy at the
present with with every day stresses in life: work, getting farther in video games, being stalked by grrls ("no really,
I'm not going out with her anymore") bumming beer and cigarettes from all your friends, trying to freelance with every
talent you can muster, & watching CNN day & night trying to put your own clues together to bust the D.C. sniper.
Never the less I haven't seen much of the boys but hope to this weekend when I throw my "Check out
what Blaine from the Accused sent me & not you...aren't you jealous" viewing party. You live in B.C., or Kalamazoo,
yet you won't see know who you are. Have you an excuse? Really?....until next time I'll be in hiding whilst
my daughter turns 16 and gets her licsense. As Ronnie James Dio once said: "LOOK OUT!"

September 30 2002
....Well it seems the boys pulled of another suksessfull show - this time Three Rivers sucked up
GROGS antics with great joy....Derrick had fun cuz he finally got to see some slam dancin'. After the boys sucked up
all the keg brew they had a talk with the Love Muffins about goin back and a lil' talk with a couple of the Ass Puppets
about doin' a show with them in South Bend, keep checkin back fer mo info sucka!- - - - - JIZZ-EM ALL - - - -.

September 28th 2002....Thanks to The Boy, J.J.(Dynamic Duo) finally has access to the website and promised C.O.D.
not to hack it up too bad,-16 song new cd (We Sold Our Souls For Cereal Bowls) pressed and released as you read this,
new songs to be on soon... T-shirts still in the making, C.O.D. apologizes for that and not updating the site

due to the fact that "Evercrack" has sucked him into the PC infested world of makebelieve (goodluck, Chad on your
many quests)....oh yeah and ifn' you're in a band from the Battle Creek, Michigan area, or have played with us before
and you've stumpled upon our site and we dont have your link, just drop an email with the address and we'll hook it
up.-------- All hail J.J. JIZZUM!.

August 23rd 2002....Sorry but Sunday nights show in Ypsilanti @ Mug's Hideout has been cancelled due to 2 of the
other bands pulling out. WHAT?? think GROG can pull them in all by themselves? I think not....your all too scared!

August 19th 2002....Okay, I'm sorry....I know, it's been a while and your itching ears are dying for gossip & news &
of course my witty humor. It's my fault, I've done got myself hooked on EverQuest. Here's what's been
goin' on. Derricks whining about driving his van all the way to Indianapolis pushed Jizzum over the edge so they loaded
everything up into Jizzum's wagon instead and squeezed inside for a 4 hour drive to a show that had been cancelled weeks|
prior. Thanks to Solidarity books for letting us know about that (as well as others that failed to tell us)....Thank GOD they
had another show in Indianapolis that night so it wasn't all a wasted trip. GROG played day 3 of the Midwest Music Summit
festival around 10:30 that Saturday night. A nice sized crowd with a welcoming response. The Indies seem to love GROG
& want them again. A night full of pleasure & pain @ Bonnie Blues house and the boys were off to B.C. around 5am.
Indianapolis has an excellent scene & GROG can't wait to get back....that place knows how to rock! A small house party
show took place last weekend @ "The Extremist's" crib & another party this weekend (as well as yet another show in Ypsi
for the boys, though this time @ Mug's Hideout). Some bad news....a couple of the songs for the 18 song cd were lost but
there's still 16 left & half of those are mixed and I gotta tell ya....the cd is going to be something to hold on to when you
get stuck on that deserted island. I'll be putting up some songs on soon....The cd will be available soon as well
(I'm thinking no later than mid Sept.) & it'll DEFINITELY be worth your lousy 5 bones. Until next time grogsters....spew & slew.

August 6th 2002....I think everyone should go through a grueling recording experience. For me this was my 5th or 6th
(although this time it wasn't my own band....sort of....I just got to scream alot & give input). There's something about
the whole "punk rock picnic" that brings out the best & worst in you. Something about hanging out with close friends for
16 hours with no way out that makes for good memories. GROG recorded 18 tracks of abusive hardcore punk for their 2nd
full length cd: "We Sold Our Souls For Cereal Bowls". The songs were recorded at the Overdose basement August 3rd & 4th.
We're still going through the final mixes but will be done the weekend of August 17th, so look for more new MP3's coming
soon. The artwork I have finally finished as well, though it's not posted yet. The GROGsters were fueled by BB-Q Chicken,
Scalloped potatoes, chew, & beer. The hint of burning pizza box in the pre-heated oven added to all flavors. C.O.D. was
blessed with singing all vocals on one track (as well as numerous grunts, groans, cries, & screams). I did my best to not
pop a vein or mess my drawers (hey, when you don't sing p. rock for over 5 years it takes its toll). I've known both Derrick
& JJ since I was 17 years young (1987) but the highlight of the weekend for me was spending those hours of pleasure &
pain with my brother Casey (Slinga). I hope they all had as much fun as I did. I would like to thank Sam Spencer who re-
corded GROG. Sam was patient, polite, & professional (& tolerated GROG's lyrics without even flinching). Thank you Sam!!

August 2nd 2002....The East coast "mini-tour" has been cancelled due to transportation problems. We're shooting
for just plain 'ole Windy City now. Recording for the cd starts tomorrow and goes on through the weekend. We'll
keep you updated.

July 30th 2002....New pics from the 4-track long day recording (that turned out to be useless) are up.

July 29th 2002....Ypsilanti is becoming GROG's second home. Always a nice responsive crowd. Always good bands
playing with them. Dont' know if the recording will for sure happen this weekend but that's still what we're all shoot-
ing for. Still no new pics added....sorry, will get to it soon. I'll be finishing up the T-shirt/cover art this week. I'll
post that as soon as it's done (well as soon as I get it shrunk down a bit, it's too big for my scanner). I'm guessing
that T-shirts will be done by the next GROG show (August 10th....2 shows that night in Indianapolis), & hopefully the
cd as well.

July 26th 2002....Slinga's phone call he received at work just before leaving @11pm to get to The Club Soda for
the show: "Dude, there's like 100 people here"....Slinga shortly after ....scaring all but 6 people away. I'm sure those
blessed 6 had a great time. GROG has added (atleast temporarily....or maybe just for me that night) Black Flag's
"Thirsty & Miserable" back to the set list. How fitting. Chad Overdose's "surprise" is yet to be unveiled. Looks like
GROG will be recording the cd (over at the COD pad once again) the first week of August. If everything goes as
planned, the cd will contain 25 songs. I have lagged on putting up new pics/artwork & the like but I'll get around to
it, don't fret. The old classic theme song "grog" is now up for you at

July 19th 2002....Saturday's show in Three Rivers with Love Muffin has been cancelled. New stickers are available
at the shows....sorry, no images yet.

July 17th 2002....Last Sunday GROG & I (Chad Overdose) spent 9 hours in my basement recording 6 songs on my
4-track. The songs (as expected) sound like a decent basement tape & nothing better. Actually some vocals still
need to be laid down on one song so it's still incomplete. It's been a while since I've been in a band singing so need-
less to say I woke up the next day with my throat holding a grudge. GROG recorded the following songs: "Nob Gobbler",
"Battle Creek" (the new GROG version....not the Broken Trust one), "Hilljacker", "Whatever", "Porn Star", & "Zombie" (a
song that I wrote about our good friend Zombie Aaron). I sing "Zombie" & as much as I hate bass (guitar is my first love)
I play that on the song as well. Being as tight as they have been lately it shouldn't have taken that long to record these
songs but much of it is to be blamed on either technical difficulties or merely trying to get the right sound (which ulti-
mately didn't happen anyways). The "demo" will be available soon & hopefully it will pacify until the REAL DEAL comes out
this late summer or early fall which I believe will either will be entitled "We Sold Our Souls For Cereal Bowls" or "Still
Thirsty....Still Miserable". Some pics will be posted soon of the said event....a quick anouncement: As you know, GROG
is playing this years "Midwest Music Summit" Saturday night August 10th in Indianapolis, IN. but they will also be playing
that same night @ Soliditary Books in Indianapolis....I know most of you won't be there but it'd be fun to tag along to
both shows in Indianapolis if you can....JJ & I are awaiting the silkscreen kit we just bought....until next time.

July 15th 2002....I suspect that this will be the longest entry yet since it's been a while since I updated you all on
what's going on with GROG. Let's start with last Saturday night (July 13th, 2002). I was excited that 3 different bands
with members from Battle Creek got to play together....but was disappointed to find out later that they didn't watch
each other play....sad really, but on to the show. JJ-Jizzum was his usual obnoxious and loudmouth self making fun of
him & her, & them, & YOU. They played a pretty tight set and the turn out was not bad. Derrick was not in the best of
moods due to nailing a man sized dog with his van leaving a nice dent and a pound of hair. The hit & run took place on
the way to the show in Marshall to meet the rest of the condolences & sympathy to the dog owners & the
poor victim itself. I have yet to post any pics from the show but hopefully will soon. FINALLY got around to ap-
proving SOME of the old GROG songs that were submitted, however, the theme song: "Grog" has been put "onhold" due
to me having to resubmit it into the "cover song" section because the beginning of the song has a country intro that is
from a copyrighted song & for some reason "Slice My Throat" has yet to be approved. "Battle Creek" (the old Broken Trust
version....not GROG's brand new song entitled Battle Creek), "Riot King", & "Spoiled Heart" are up and ready for your list-
ening pleasure. Please keep in mind that these are old songs that did contain a hint of metal unlike the new stuff, but
they're still all great songs.....I have more to tell about the recording that went on all day at my house yesterday but
frankly I"m sick of typing and I've got stuff to do (like recover), so until next time.

July 8th 2002....Well 4 hours later I've got new pics up from the B.E. Henry last Saturday as well as some other pics
in the "we're funny" pics section. I worked for about 2 hours last night on the artwork, I'm not sure if I'll have it done
as soon as I'd like....but I WILL SAY that I'm getting real bored with all the work that I do and the lack of appreciation
for it....seems everytime I have a small favor to ask it's too much....I'm done for now, maybe for GOOD. LATER ON!!

July 7th 2002....I would like to thank the people from the other bands that were at the show last night that hung out
outside while GROG played....great support from those honkies (not everyone did this, MOST of the people were INSIDE,
don't get me wrong)! GROG played a tight set but they decided to cut it short due to the lack of crowd (atleast there was
some slam dancin') and JJ even toned down his language in between songs so that my 5 year old boy (Elijah Shine) could
go to his first punk show and see his Uncle Casey play....Thanks guys (sort of....though you slipped....ALOT....GRRR). I'd
just like to add this....for those of you who are in a band and you stand around outside a venue while a band plays is just
lame RUDE....especially when you start whining when nobody watches your band....there I'm done. See you at the next
GROG show.

July 6th 2002....Today GROG plays their first show since Casey "Slinga's" wrestling match gone bad. His knuckle is still a
bit sore but nothing the little grogster can't handle. JJ Jizzum spent a hefty amount of fundage and replaced his old amp
head with a brand spankin' new Marshall, between that & "Slinga's" new drum set (heck only 3 days old) GROG has a whole
different sound. They've added a couple of old GROG tunes to their set list which they'll be scaring people with today in
Marshall....the GROG theme song, Spoiled Heart, & Drink Myself Blind. Come out and see the show & don't forget next
weeks show (which is at the B.E. Henry building in Marshall as well) with Battle Creekian now turned Fort Wayne Indianian,
John Cheesebrew & his band: VIOLATED BY.... as well as Joby Purucker's band OCEANS OF REGRET. I'll report again to-
morrow I suppose with an update of tonights show.

July 3rd 2002....For those of you who have been waiting for audio I have good & bad news. The good news is this: I've
put 5 songs on & they're pending "approval" which may take a couple more days at the very least. The bad news is
that they are old GROG songs from their unreleased cd "Sobriety Is Blasphemy" which features GROG's old drummer-Mike
(hairy Homer J.) Mead. The reason why that's bad news is because it doesn't represent very well the GROG experience.
GROG has changed over the past year and have more of a str8 forward hardcore punk spewage going on without the
"metalish" stuff that used to reside in them....but these songs will have to do until the recording of the new stuff is com-
pleted, which if all goes right a small ep. will be out in this month. Here's more sticker art from "Jonfu" (formally known as
Sk8r Jon), & I am currently working on the album cover artwork and official T-shirt artwork (all and the same)'s the
kicker....I'm ACTUALLY getting paid this time for the artwork, & I must say....for a punk rock drawing it's a nice little chunk.
Thanks "Slinga"....don't worry I'll give you your money's worth. Thank you to those who keep coming back to the site and
checking out the updates as well as this here "diar-yeeha"....also, thanks to Joby Perucker for the nice GROG praise he left
on his site.

June 30th 2002....Well, the July 20th show in Three Rivers, MI. is a go. It'll be a basement show with: Love Muffin,
GROG, & either the Ass Puppets, or The Urinal Mints. I have a pleasant surprise for the Battle Creepians & other fans
of a certain something....keep coming back to find out what it Tell GROG to pay me SOMETHING!!!!

June 28th 2002....The boys are practicing 4 days this week to rid the rust that settled whilst "Slinga" sported his cast.
GROG has been invited to play the 2nd Annual Midwest Music Summit being held in Indianapolis, IN., a 3 day festival/con-
vention filled with bands & corporate scumbags. GROG will go spew forth on the 3rd day (Saturday August 10th) but we
don't have the definite time slot as of yet). The whole festival is a bit confusing to me right now but they'll be playing The
Melody Inn
as part of the festival/convention. We're still waiting to see if the July 20th show in Three Rivers, MI. is a
go....we'll keep you posted. Well, I'm starting to think that 2/3 of GROG are getting just too old....I've been instructed to
book no more shows for August (save for the Labor Day weekend mini-tour to NYC). JJ-Jizzum claims it's to take a break
and record the cd but I'm skeptical, I'm thinking Derrick & JJ's bones are creakin'.

June 27th 2002....I've put up some more killer links for your surfing entertainment. Check out our buddies' mugshots

June 26th 2002....Not to fear, "Slinga" got his cast off yesterday morning & he's feeling fine. The doctor says the best
thing to do now is to play some fast punk rock. I drew some more sticker art as well as "Jonfu" (formally known as sk8r Jon)
but I haven't posted them yet....will do soon. Sorry about the audio still not being up but I've got a life besides GROG.
GROG had their first practice today in a month....gotta get ready for all the shows next month.

June 24th 2002....It's early folks....were talkin' after 5 in the A.M. No I'm not STILL up....I had a nightmare that has temp-
orarily taken my ability to sleep, so I thought I'd do some updates to the site. First off it looks as though GROG will be playing
the B.E. Henry building 2 weekends in a row (by the way, don't bother checking the B.E. Henry link for scheduling cause it's
never updated). But we finally get to play with our good buddies' (John Cheesebrew) band from IN. as well as B.C locals
Oceans of Regret. GROG is nearly all booked up for the month (a July 20th show is pending in Three Rivers) and we're making
plans to send the boys on their way to a little Labor Day weekend tour that'll find them in NYC, stay tuned for more details on
that as they come....well, maybe I can sleep now....COD

June 22nd 2002....I finally got some nice praise for all my hardwork....instead of just a pack of smokes & a beer....JJ-Jizzum
told me he loved me. Awwww, all this work was worth that alone.

June 21st 2002...Casey's cast removal got postponed another week so he's stuck with it until the 25th of this month.
It normally wouldn't be so bad but for a right-handed, lonely, single's a killer!! Don't hurt yourself "Slinga"!!
GROG is hauling the gear over to Mr. Overdose's house the weekend of July 13th to start recording a 4-5 song demo of
all new material. It's just with my 4-track so don't expect anything super crisp. The real deal will be recorded later in the
summer....but for now it's mostly for promotional purposes.

June 15th 2002....Well it's getting closer to GROG's next show & Casey "Slinga" still sports his be honest I'm
getting nervous & am starting to wonder if they can pull it off. I'd like to take this moment admit that I'm kind of unsure
on how to put music on the site (though IT WILL be up soon) so if there is anyone that would like to help me out I'm try-
ing to grab some music from GROG's old cd as well as a basement tape with new stuff....yeah the quality will suck but
more people can hear GROG & that means more shows. Feel free to drop me a line oh wise ones & fill me with knowledge.

June 8th 2002....Grog has become an official sponsor for Stanton Motorsports car #85 driven by Bruce "Boss man"
Stanton. If you get to the speedways look for car #85 and the big vinyl GROG decal on the back drawn by yours truly
Chad Overdose. Some shirts have been done (4 to be exact) with various designs. The shirts are basically test shirts
that you'll never own but wish you did...Also more stickers are available with more designs. complete with both FANG
& BLACK FLAG rip-offs as well as some artwork by sk8r Jon Cowles. "Official" GROG shirts available for purchasing will
be here soon enough....patience homies. A quick special acknowledgement to Mr. Scott Webb who is getting married
this very day. Scott is a close friend of GROG's & we wish him the best....Good luck "Squatty".

May 30th 2002....Rumor has it that shirts are coming soon with several different styles....$5! Contact me for more info
on where you can get one & just exactly when they'll be done (remember, we're dealing with some hardcore slackers
here). New pics will be posted soon, another "foto shoot" is scheduled for June 1st....Grog stickers now available for free
(to friends, locals, & at shows) with some killer artwork done by yours truly chad o.d. The stickers will be a rarity soon
because they feature caricatures of the band with the old drummer...(Mike "hairy homer j." Mead).

May 27th 2002....GROG's living room show in Plainwell yesterday was eventful as well as painful. Drummer Casey
"Slinga" (what kind of grief has this kid brought to GROG?) failed to keep his knuckle bone intact whilst wrestling
with a buddy in some post-show play. The chaos began with some harmless play & evolved into an all out blood
wrestling battle. Casey ended up with a nice hard cast & a month of disability while his "advesary" sports the
winning belt. Donations for the upkeep of "Slingas' bills can be made at the next GROG show which will hopefully
still be on July 6th @ the B.E. Henry building in Marshall, MI. Another scheduled Elbow Room show with the
Monokulators (The Meatmen, Fix, & Violent Apathy) had to be flushed due to the said injury....Doctors say 4-6
weeks....can GROG make it through this next trial? Will Casey stop bringing cancelled shows to the bands schedule?
.... Stay tuned....

May 22nd 2002....Unfortunately the show w/THE ANTISEEN, BUMPN' UGLIES, & STEPSISTER @ the Elbow Room
has been cancelled due to Casey having to work....Hey, priorities!! Not to fret, The Elbow would love to have
GROG back so we'll be there eventually.

May 19th 2002....Well, last night GROG played their first show with new drummer Casey "Slinga" Lutzke.
5 bands stunk up the Elbow room in Ypsilanti, MI. with their sweat, spit, & snot: The GC5, Stepsister, The Thumbs, Axis
of Evil, & of course GROG.
Stepsister left GROGs' jaws dropped with their dirty rock & roll. After the sound man was nearly
an hour late, GROG took to spewing forth hardcore punk, scaring most of the audience. It seemed at first that the "victims"
didn't know what to think until GROG presented their new rock & roll anthem: "Porn song". Over all it was a great time (until the
mob of transvestites were flooded with the desire to expose their "members" to all. Surpisingly, GROG was asked back to play with
GG ALLINs' old buddies-THE ANTISEEN as well BUMPN' UGLIES & once again STEPSISTER. GROG were later deemed The
Elbow Room's "new hardcore faves". Now if we can just get Derrick to not "steal" the bands pay for his own pocket
....He WILL be punished!!